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Assessment and Planning

Assessment and Planning

Fast-tracking Cloud transformation

Learn and understand your journey to the Cloud

Cloud adoption is a big challenge for most healthcare organizations, primarily due to its technical, operational and compliance requirements. With our expertise and knowledge in this space we can help you confront the unknowns and fast-track cloud transformation. Make use of our comprehensive cloud assessment and planning services today.

Are you ready for the cloud?


Our cloud assessment services help you to realize the cloud migration process and reduce IT infrastructure costs. We completely understand your business requirements and provide a scalable and cost-effective methodology. An optimal strategy and a roadmap to the cloud journey gives a clear vision of your existing resources and where your organization would be after adopting the cloud.


You can list down an inventory of your IT infrastructure using our cloud migration assessment tools. Find out how much money your company can save by moving to the cloud.

Simplifying Cloud adoption

We provide practical cloud migration strategies that ensure success and productivity to your enterprise. Choose our suite of assessment and planning services to analyze your current IT infrastructure and determine which cloud migration strategy fits your organization.

  • Assess
  • Plan
  • Cost Analysis
  • Solutions

We assess your current systems to understand the architecture, technologies, dependencies and stakeholders to develop a holistic understanding.

We give a clear picture of the reference architecture, applications suited for migration, choice of technology and recommended cloud services. In addition, the plan also yields a framework to assess post migration impact.

We provide complete cost analysis for moving your IT infrastructure to the cloud. And, envision a detailed plan from the beginning to the end of migration. We also offer post migration optimization considering your current applications, workloads and usage.

We understand your current systems completely, so we can devise a cloud migration strategy customized to your requirements.

Partner with Deevita

When it comes to technology for your business, partnering with Deevita can make a real difference. We specialize in Microsoft Azure and know what it takes to get the healthcare system in the cloud.

Combining our knowledge with expertise we can deliver an end-to-end solution for all your IT needs. To know more about how we can help you adopt cloud, reach us at sales@deevita.com