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Cloud Data Platform

Cloud Data Platform

Scale Seamlessly and Expand Rapidly

Cloud is the future to data management.

Data is the new oil and the source of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Every industry and business look to leverage their data assets, and understand their operations, customers and market.

Businesses have greater challenges of managing the growing volume of data efficiently. They need to secure the data and ensure uninterrupted business operations. Traditional technologies can no longer handle these modern-day challenges. Traditional data management methods are too expensive, complex and uneconomical from a business perspective.

Cloud provides newer technologies and methodologies to address most of these challenges in a much cost-effective manner. It identifies opportunities to expand business revenue, product features, and enhance customer experience.

Expert in Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure ensures agility in your business.

We at Deevita specialize in Microsoft Azure. We have experts on different data platform technologies, ranging from traditional OLTP to NoSQL, Big Data & Analytics and other clouds. Our services provide the right solution to your requirements.

Data is our area of excellence and we have developed several products and solutions for numerous enterprises. We have successfully completed projects in data management, data integration, and visualization/reporting for the healthcare industry.

Our offerings in Azure Cloud data platform include

Database Development

Data Integration development

Dashboard, Reporting and Analytics

We offer services in the Azure Cloud data platform to transform and store data. We create big data solutions that to aggregate data silos across different systems. Now, you can design and implement cloud data platforms tailored to your business needs.

Our team has exposure to handle Health data such as Claims, Enrollment, Patient information, Payments, and more. For more information on our Cloud Data Platform Services, get in touch with us at sales@deevita.com.