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Cloud Testing

Cloud Testing

Scalable & Realistic

Hit quality benchmarks consistently

Cloud (or SaaS) testing refers to methods used to test the applications that were built using cloud technologies and hosted in a cloud environment to ensure they function as designed.

Although, core of the applications features don’t differ a lot from earlier days, there are newer concepts used in cloud applications that need to be taken into account now in testing methodologies.

Innovative and Quality Testing

We at Deevita, have experts to handle any cloud engagement and ensure that cloud systems deliver what they are designed to. While there isn’t any single bullet available to address these challenges, our cloud testing methodology help overcome any challenges and complexities of traditional testing.

Our Offerings in Cloud Testing

Functional Testing

Automation of Regression testing

Data Privacy and Compliance Testing

Security Testing

Load/Performance Testing

Choosing Deevita's Cloud testing services

Fundamental difference in technology, architecture and environment requires different Cloud Testing Strategy framework that tackles new challenges in a systematic and consistent manner. Deevita’s cloud testing services help healthcare organizations perform quality assurance of key features relating to the cloud across both infrastructure, platform and application.

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