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Power BI Consulting Services

Power BI Dashboard: 1-Week POC Implementation (Remote)


Under this Power BI consulting service, we create a Proof of Concept (POC) for you to see how you can use your data to gain amazing insights. We would ingest data from different sources, design a data model and create awesome insight-revealing data visualization solutions within a week.

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The POC implementation covers a complete assessment of the client’s data with the goal of understanding the primary business requirements, thereby translating them into easy-to-use Power BI dashboards.


Part 1 - Assessment

• First, understand key business and reporting goals.
• Second, learn the stories and insights, the dashboard is intended to discover.
• Third, discuss with stakeholders to gather requirements for the POC.

Part 2 – Comprehensive Data Modeling

• In the first place, create a data model for different data sources.
• Next, clean and transform data using Query Editor.
• Finally, create a workspace for your organization.

Part 3 – Dashboard Development

• Create a fully functional, interactive 1 to 2-page Power BI report and publish it to your workspace as a Power BI consultant.
• Share the dashboard with your stakeholders too.

Part 4 – Knowledge Transfer and Road map

• Handover to the client including the security settings indeed.
• Advisory on future development and a road map on the next steps and beyond.

Customer to provide Power BI license to host. Additionally, license costs can be there.


To this end, the client will have a business-grade Power BI dashboard through the POC and report built on his own data, which has been developed based on industry-standard data visualization services.