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Power BI Consulting Services

Thought-provoking Insights with Power BI: 2-Hr Free Briefing

Who should attend?

Are you an executive always looking for insights to strengthen your decisions? Perhaps you’re an IT professional who understands the value of Power BI, but wants to leverage the complete power? Or do you belong to the C-suite, depending on data to drive your sales decisions, technology investments, or finance and marketing programs?

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Either way, the experts at Deevita will provide a crystal-clear vision, in this Free Briefing, on how you can leverage Power BI to visualize your data, unearth insights, and solve your business challenges.

Agenda of the Free Briefing

Our goal, through this Free Briefing, would be working with you directly to discuss and understand your business problems and learn what you aim to achieve through business intelligence solutions. Consequently, this Free Briefing would cover some or all the following:

• First, a round of introductions between your team and ours
• Second, a high-level discussion of your business requirements
• An introduction to Microsoft Power BI (if needed)
• Furthermore, an overview of Deevita’s Power BI offerings
• A demonstration of the type of Power BI dashboards Deevita can build for you
• Moreover, how to utilize the full capabilities of Power BI, including Data Modeling and DAX
• If required, a briefing over Power BI licensing and data connections


Deevita is headquartered in Redmond, WA, with a Development Center in Chennai, India. Besides, this free briefing will be conducted via Skype or Microsoft Teams conference call, unless an in-person meeting is feasible.