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Health Interoperability

Health Interoperability

For Seamless Information Exchange

Interoperability is the future of Healthcare Systems

The lack of Interoperability in the healthcare systems is a huge barricade to advance patient care. This blockade can have a direct impact on the revenues and profitability for the providers.


Currently, an efficient interoperable environment has become a pre-requisite for seamless communication between various systems.

Cost-Effective Means to Link All Your Systems

We can address most interoperability issues

Achieving interoperability for complex healthcare data is a big challenge faced by the healthcare industry. Interoperability ensures seamless sharing of information across different systems, this further ensures that the healthcare professionals have access to the information they need when required.

We can help you with various interoperable data standards such as HL7, DICOM, and SNOMED. We make sure that our customers achieve them with precision.

We have answers to your interoperability issues

Interoperability is for healthcare businesses, this helps to derive the benefits promised by the adoption of Electronic Health Records (EHRs), Electronic Medical Records (EMRs), Practice Management Systems, e-Prescribing and so on. Interoperability checks that the communication among different healthcare systems is streamlined and standardized. Deevita is a healthcare IT service provider who can address interoperability issues and needs. Leveraging our experience in handling data integration solutions for several clients, we got the technical expertise to get things done efficiently.

Our Health Interoperability Services

Deevita is a healthcare IT service provider who has knowledge and expertise to address interoperability issues, needs and enable seamless data exchange between different systems.

  • HL7 interface development for inbound/outbound messages in an EMR
  • Legacy modernization and migration services for EHR/EMR
  • Development of interfaces empowering customer EHRs to communicate with external systems (clinical, financial and pharmacy)


Why Us?


Hands on experience in building interoperable systems in the healthcare industry.

Cost efficiency

With our planned approach and experience, we efficiently execute our projects in the most cost-efficient manner.

Proven processes

We follow stringent quality processes across all stages.


We understand the typical challenges in data integration and have the experience to surpass the same.

With a team of diverse skill set, you can be assured of high quality and on-time customized Health Interoperability solutions. Contact us for more info at sales@deevita.com.