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Data visualization and reporting solution

  • Customer : Leading provider of health benefit payment platform
  • Category : Healthcare
  • Date : July 2016
  • Tags : Data Integration Services

What we did

Modular data visualization

We implemented modular data visualization solution to meet compliance, business and operational needs of industry leading Health benefit management and funding platform..

Client background

The client offers debit-card solutions that enable 29 million US consumers to pay digitally for healthcare benefits.

The client also provides an end-to-end, Software as a Service platform leveraging technology to help managers administer healthcare benefits. The platform enables managers to administer a range of benefits and payment-handling needs for FSAs, HSAs, and other organizations

Client business needs

> Rapidly generate visualization and analytics solutions for various business, regulatory-compliance, and operational needs pertaining to Consumer-Directed Health Care Payment processing
> Manage and control access to reports and report data by leveraging the role-based security framework must be integrated with the core application user directory
> Enable frequent product releases by automation of smoke testing and regression of testing of visualizations

Deevita Solution

> Provided a modular data visualization solution with reusable routines for:
• Common filters shared across several reports for users to specify required parameter values
• Role based security
• Load balanced execution
• Data extraction from multiple operational data stores
• several schedule intervals, delivery options, and output formats

> Assumed end-to-end ownership, including requirement analysis, design, coding, automated system testing, production rollout, and support. By working directly with the product owner and its QA team, who are spread across different locations and outside organizations, we helped the onsite team to focus on core activities rather than managing interactions with Deevita.

> Automated the complete regression and smoke test suite (both data driven and keyword driven) using Hybrid framework.


Client benefits

The client realized following benefits:

> The solution’s well-engineered development workflow, coupled with its many reusable routines, facilitates rapid releases in a factory model setup.

> Client is enabled to consistently ship 25+ visualization requests each month.

> Solution improves the performance of several long-running solutions (10–20 minutes) using optimization tools (e.g., Profiler), reducing runtime to a few seconds.

> Solution delivers advanced visualizations involving both functional and visual complexity.

> Solution improves efficiency in throughput and production, with near-independent execution and minimal personnel involvement from client.

> Rapid test-execution cycles are enabled with improved test coverage due to test automation, driving agility in product releases.

Challenges / complexity

> The solution embodies a complex database schema with hundreds of tables, some exceeding 200 columns and coupled deep product knowledge.

> Regulatory compliance for the many statements related to financial data requires near perfect accuracy.

> A long series of patch requirements over time increased the complexity of business logic in code that needs to be understood clearly and provide fixes.

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