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Enterprise data integration

  • Customer : Leading provider of health benefit payment platform
  • Category : Healthcare
  • Date : July 2016
  • Tags : Data Integration Services

What we did

Seamless data movement

We implemented data integration solutions that enabled seamless movement of health benefits data between client and their customer’s systems, and quick onboarding of new clients to core platform.

Client background

The client offers debit-card solutions that enable 29 million US consumers to pay digitally for healthcare benefits.

The client also provides an end-to-end, Software as a Service platform leveraging technology to help managers administer healthcare benefits. The platform enables managers to administer a range of benefits and payment-handling needs for FSAs, HSAs, and other organizations

Client business needs

A large customer has an internal records system that needs to be integrated with the client’s core system to supply a working payment solution for consumers. Integration must enable the two systems to talk to each other despite differences in file formats, business logic, and other operational parameters. The client wants to outsource construction of a solution that will enable easier onboarding of customers, reduce or avoid frequent changes to core product, and handle data integrations such as that described above in a standardized manner. The solution has to:

> Provide seamless movement of healthcare enrollment, claim, and other data between multiple source systems and internal transaction processing systems
> Reduce time to onboard a new customer by automating data integration tasks outside of the core system
> Facilitate agile, custom data extraction with minimal onboarding time
> The client required end-to-end testing of the entire solution for function, performance, and regression

Deevita Solution

> Deevita designed, from the ground up, an in-house data processing platform that encompasses all supporting data integration functions. These include scheduling and launching of jobs, encryption/decryption of files, and movement of data files between heterogeneous locations, logging, and more.

> Deevita provided end-to-end development, testing, and maintenance services to enable seamless processing of data files.

> Solution provides efficient monitoring and visibility for overall file processing in standardized manner.

> Solution features efficient load balancing across nodes built at the platform level, enabling the system to be highly scalable, extensible, and available.

> Solution scales to process very large data volume, e.g., up to 2 million enrollments and 20 million claims with sub-minute performance.

> Testing based on proven principles and best practices enabled incident-free processing of files upon release in production.


Client benefits

The client realized following benefits:

> The solution helped the client to quickly and efficiently onboard customers, contributing to business and revenue growth for several large customers.

> The client’s development teams were enabled to focus on core transformation logic for customer-level onboarding, leaving all other aspects to be handled by the reusable components of the data platform.

> The solution reduced onboarding time by nearly 50%.

> Rapid onboarding of new carriers and enhancements to existing carriers by directly engaging with product owners leaves the client’s engineering team to focus on core product development.

> End-to-end development and testing services enables seamless release to production and processing of input files.

> Managed delivery services freed up the client’s internal resources to tackle other pressing tasks and lends flexibility in operations.

Challenges / complexity

> Complex transformation rules for varying file structures and formats among heterogeneous systems are often specific to each implementation.

> The product could not produce undesired impacts on customers’ core systems.

> Development entails a complex engagement model with several stakeholders spread across geographical and organizational boundaries

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